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  1. Consultation with client to determine requirements and goals
    Energy is not "one size fits all". Deregulated markets provide consumers with options and decisions, and we work with clients to determine the best ones to make.
  2. Request historical usage and rates
    A letter of authorization allows us to request detailed historical usage data from the local utility company(s). Historical rates may be provided by the utility in certain markets, or based on previous bill copies in other markets.
  3. Negotiate bids with suppliers based on strategy
    Based on the goals of the client, LD Energy negotiates rates with the best suppliers. We bring fifteen years of experience, relationships, and market expertise to the table.
  4. Execute on best course of action
    After finalizing a procurement strategy, we work with the client to execute on appropriate transactions in order to ensure realization of client's specific goals.
  5. Adapt to changing requirements and markets
    In time, energy markets will change and clients' goals will adapt. We make sure our clients are constantly aware of market updates and their changing goals are best aligned with current market opportunities.
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