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Demand Response is a demand-side managagement program to help reduce consumption of electricity in response to extreme demands on the electric grid. LD Energy works with clients to achieve the maximum benefit of their operational ability to curtail demand during extreme strains on the power grid.

At rare times of peak deamnd, it is more adventageous to grid operators to cut demand than to increase supply. For businesses that have the ability to cut demand (electric usage) with short time notices, LD Energy helps find them the best programs in the market. We work alongside various leading demand response suppliers to identify curtailable load and maximize clients' benefit.

There are two main forms of demand response:

  • Curtailment: Strictly lowering the demand for power. ie. Suspending production, turning off lights, minimizing A/C usage, etc.
  • Self-Generation: Maintaining power demand but shifting the source of power off the grid and onto backup/alternative generation sources.

Please contact an LD Energy consultant for additional information on our demand response initiatives.

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